What is CRM software?

CRM-SoftwareCustomer Relationship Management, or CRM, is the easiest and most efficient way to collect and manage all of your customer data. Chances are, you are already using your own version of CRM, and collecting your customers’ contact information into a spreadsheet. What if there was a better way to do it? Less effort on your part, but more reward? That way is by implementing CRM software into your business. But what is CRM software?

CRM software is the necessary system used when implementing CRM into your company. It collects data for you and compiles it into an easy to manage system that can be accessed by anyone in your company. Not only can you collect contact information like phone number, email, and address, but you can collect demographics and interests as well. How helpful would it be to know your customers income, age, family size, and gender? Aside from those demographics, you can also delve more into what your customers’ interests are. Learn about where they spend most of their time online, what social media platforms they frequent most, and even where they tend to spend their money.

It’s easy to collect this information, and the payout is extremely beneficial. Most websites already have a functionality to sign up for newsletters, and you can also collect the desired information by running contests or giveaways, or conducting surveys.

This information won’t just sit around on a spreadsheet somewhere once you have CRM software, but you will be able to utilize it across various departments in your company. Not only will it be a priceless tool for customer service representatives, but it can be a tremendous help for your marketing and sales teams. How beneficial would it be to build a new marketing or advertising campaign and know exactly who your target audience is, and what they will respond to?

CRM software is completely customizable, and you can work with your chosen software company to decide what features you would like to use. Installation is easy and the software company will help train you and your employees, although the software is very simple to use.

CRM software has some common features across the board.

Marketing automation is a common feature that a lot of companies wouldn’t go without. This feature is responsible for automating common and tedious office tasks that would otherwise have to be done by an employee. Other than saving a lot of manpower, this automation can send materials to prospective customers or advertisers, and that in turn can lead to profit.

CRM software also has the capability to track any communication between your company and your customers. This can help avoid issues that might come from duplicate inquiries, and it can help your customer service department to better serve the customer if they have a back story.

CRM software can also help create marketing campaigns based on your customers’ locations by using integrated GPS apps. This can also help you find prospective advertisers or potential new customers.