How to Become a Better League of Legends Player

League Coaching

The principles of basketball and invasion sports are very similar. However, there are some differences. The game requires more strategy than in other sports. For example, the scouting process is similar to invasion sports, but with the added benefit of providing practice opportunities. Scouting an opponent means gathering information about his or her strengths and weaknesses, and the best way to do so is to play against them. Take notes during each game, and review them before the next match.

League of Legends Academy

A recent report by Travis Gafford said that the LCS owners have voted to remove the requirement for all LCS teams to field League of Legends Academy rosters by 2022. Riot denied that such a decision was being made, but emphasized that the LCS has always supported the Academy scene. The lack of support for amateur teams and the Academy scene in the past has led to the opening of amateur teams. The LCSPA has given this opportunity to players from emerging regions to develop their skills and earn professional money.

The Academy roster has been bolstered by several new additions. Team Liquid mid-laner Jens Bjergsen will step in for Haeri, who was not able to make the trip to Los Angeles in time for the tournament. Team Liquid said that Haeri was unable to attend the event due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. In addition to Jens Bjergsen, a number of other newcomers and veteran players will also be playing for the Academy team.

Gosu AI

If you play competitive esports games, you should check out Gosu AI for League Coaching. The Gosu assistant installs instantly on your Steam account and then sends you an analytics link after every match. Gosu will then analyze your game play and provide personalized learning recommendations. If you’re interested in trying Gosu AI for League Coaching, you can download it free from Overwolf’s app store.

The AI is free and has promising potential, but it is far from perfect. Its advice appears fixed and does not react to your current game state. Still, it is solid for beginners. Gosu AI’s voice assistant is particularly useful for new players who want a little guidance before tackling the game. It also provides after-match information. But if you’re still unsure, you should look elsewhere for guidance.


One of the hottest topics in the world of competitive gaming is NEACE’s League Coaching. In its latest video, the NEACE’s league coaching founder explains how his eight-year journey into coaching has resulted in his success. Among other things, he cites the Challenger, Master, and Challenger-Master role. Although NEACE charges a high price for his services, many of his teachings are available for free on YouTube.

However, in response to criticisms of his pricing, NEACE responded in his own way. He defended his methods by creating educational videos, launching his own YouTube channel, and doing more coaching sessions and league boot camps. While many fans are critical of Neace, he is still trying to earn money by teaching players about the game. While his pricing is still very high, he claims he is paying other coaches to work with his students as part of a forthcoming boot camp.


At Elventus, we believe that excellence in the game of League of Legends (LoL) is the catalyst for positive change. We empower our players by providing ongoing support from a sport psychologist who works closely with our LoL coaching plans to help improve our players’ mindset along with their technical skills. We train and vet our coaches, and we are confident that we can help you become a better League player. To achieve this, we use the latest technology, and our methods are proven to work.

In this interview, we speak to Elventus founder and professional League of Legends player, Eric Lay. Eric discusses how he stepped away from playing the game to become an esports coach. He also talks about the role that mental health plays in gaming. To learn more about Elventus, keep reading! We look forward to talking to you! And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news about our coaching services!

No One Is Picking Up My Doordash Order – What to Do

No One Is Picking Up My Doordash Order – What to Do

No One Is Picking Up My Doordash Order  what to do

If No One is picking up your Doordash order, there is a simple solution: timeout offers. This option will allow you to receive the next offer more quickly. Declining offers is not bad. In fact, declining them helps you to set a price that you are comfortable paying for delivery. Nevertheless, if you are a frequent user of Doordash, you should be able to understand the options available.

80% completion rate

The Doordash completion rate is the average rating of a Doordash order. This rating reflects the customer’s satisfaction and is used to determine a driver’s status. If a driver has a completion rate below 80%, he or she may be deactivated and/or compensated. Doordash’s completion rate has not always been at 80 percent. Below that mark, you may experience problems with your Doordash order.

The completion rate requirement is important for both customers and Doordash dashers. It is important to note that a driver’s completion rate will drop if he or she is not completing orders. The completion rate does not count delivery orders cancelled by customers or merchants. If the driver leaves the food at the customer’s door, it will still count as a completed delivery. If the customer does not receive the order, they can choose to take a photo of the food to mark it as completed.

Acceptance rate

If you’re a Dasher, you’ve probably wondered about the low Acceptance Rate on Doordash orders. This is because many orders with lower pay don’t tip, and customers have no incentive to do so. Occasionally, these drivers may decline orders due to personal reasons, such as being away from their phones or taking a break. But, there is one way to help improve the low Acceptance Rate: putting an end to the incentive program that drives down the pay.

To get more business with Doordash, try to raise your acceptance rate to 100 percent or higher. The higher your rate, the higher the customer rating and completion rating will be. However, don’t get too caught up with the DoorDash Acceptance Rate, since the higher it is, the more money you’ll earn. This is a standard set by DoorDash and included in your Dasher agreement.


If you don’t see someone pick up your Doordash order in 30 minutes, it’s probably because no one has picked up the order. If you’re not there to pick it up, DoorDash will cancel the order. You’ll receive a refund or a credit for a future order. To increase your chances of getting your order, pay a larger tip or place your order when the restaurant is open.

Some customers have expressed disappointment when DoorDash drivers fail to pick up their orders. In some cases, they don’t have enough time. Other times, drivers have other orders to complete. Other times, the delivery may take a little longer than expected. DoorDash has many ways to avoid these situations. You can always cancel your order before delivery to get a full refund. If it’s a last-minute order, you can also pay for the food that will be delivered.


Fortunately, there’s a simple way to cancel your Doordash order if no one is picking it up. You can either cancel the order or request a refund. If no one is picking up the order, Doordash will automatically cancel it after a 30 minute wait. Once the 30 minutes is up, you can either accept a refund or talk to a representative.

If you don’t see anyone coming up to pick up your order, you can cancel your order by contacting the DoorDash customer support team. You can do this through the mobile app or online at the website. The only catch is that the cancellation is effective only if you cancel your order before the restaurant confirms that they’ll be picking it up. In such a case, you’ll receive a full refund or credit on your account.


There are two possible scenarios when a customer is being fraudulently charged for their Doordash order: the customer is picking up the order themselves, or posing as a self-pickup. The customer orders a meal outside a restaurant, leaves a $0 tip to discourage drivers from picking up their order, or poses as a self-pickup while the order is still in the restaurant. However, the driver arrives to find the food has long since been eaten. If the driver cannot complete the order, the customer receives a full refund.

If a customer receives a text message with a link to check the status of their order, this is most likely an untrue scam. However, even if there are no such messages, there may be some fraudulent activity. Fraudulent DoorDash delivery drivers may take advantage of this by tampering with the food or stealing it. While the driver is not allowed to open the delivery container, he may have been sending text messages from unknown sources.

The Cuban Link Chain

cuban link Chain

The cuban chain | is a popular piece of jewelry, especially for men. It is made from thick links that can be worn alone or with a pendant. The longer the chain, the more important it is to consider the type of pendant to wear with it. However, if you want to layer it, you can choose a thin chain that has thinner links at the end. The necklace will be more stylish and dazzling if you wear it alone.

The cuba link chain is one of the oldest types of chains. It was first worn by the Egyptians as a good luck charm and to show strength. Kingly battles were fought over the most prized gold chains. It was a staple of hip-hop culture for many years until the creation of the Cuban link chain in the 1990s. Although it is not as old as the traditional gold chain, it is still an iconic piece of jewelry.

The history of the Cuban link chain is difficult to pinpoint. It has become a staple of hip hop fashion since the early ’70s. As hip-hop gained popularity in the US, it also became a fashion statement. The popularity of the Cuban linked chain has soared ever since, but its origins remain mysterious. There is no doubt that the Cuban link chain was first used as a fashion accessory in the late ’70s. But whether the Cuban link chain was created by the rappers or the hip-hop scene is debatable.

The Cuban link chain is a classic example of an eye-catching chain. The gold rings in the chain interlock, making the chain appear thick. This interlocking design is a factor in its durability. While it is not as durable as traditional gold chains, the cuba link chain is still a classic and trendy fashion accessory. Its interlocking design makes it a timeless choice for men. A Cuban link chain will surely get you noticed.

The Cuban link chain has long been a fashion accessory, but it has only gained fame in recent years. It is considered a must-have accessory for the Hip Hop fashion movement, and it is no wonder. Its interlocking pattern makes the chain appear thick and heavy, making it a durable piece of jewelry. In addition, it is extremely eye-catching and is the perfect complement to any outfit. If you’re a woman, a Cuban link chain will look great on you.

A Cuban link chain is a great accessory for women. It is an eye-catching accessory, and is considered a fashionable part of the hip hop fashion movement. A Cuban link chain can be made of different materials, and its weight and purity determines its price. If you want to wear a chain with a religious symbol, then consider buying a chain with a religious significance. It will stand out from other necklaces in the same way.

A Cuban link chain is one of the most popular types of gold jewelry. It is made up of several oval or round gold rings that are connected by a clasp. The chain can be crafted into large pieces to make it more attractive. This type of chain is very durable, and it is a favorite among hip hop women. Unlike other styles, a Cuban link will not get damaged easily, so it’s a great choice for everyday wear.

The Cuban link chain’s cost depends on the purity of gold. A 14K chain will be lighter than a 18K one. The weight of a chain is another factor that determines its price. A 16K chain will cost more than a 20K chain. The more gold you buy, the more expensive it will be. If you are a fan of the Cuban link, you’ll love its incredibly stylish charm.

A Cuban link chain is a classic design of gold rings linked together. This style looks amazing on both men and women. A chain with this design is a great way to show off your style. But you should be aware of its durability, as it is not prone to breaking easily. If you’re worried about your chain’s durability, it’s best to choose a cheaper version. If you’re wearing a chain with too many links, you could end up with a clunky piece.