No One Is Picking Up My Doordash Order – What to Do

No One Is Picking Up My Doordash Order  what to do

If No One is picking up your Doordash order, there is a simple solution: timeout offers. This option will allow you to receive the next offer more quickly. Declining offers is not bad. In fact, declining them helps you to set a price that you are comfortable paying for delivery. Nevertheless, if you are a frequent user of Doordash, you should be able to understand the options available.

80% completion rate

The Doordash completion rate is the average rating of a Doordash order. This rating reflects the customer’s satisfaction and is used to determine a driver’s status. If a driver has a completion rate below 80%, he or she may be deactivated and/or compensated. Doordash’s completion rate has not always been at 80 percent. Below that mark, you may experience problems with your Doordash order.

The completion rate requirement is important for both customers and Doordash dashers. It is important to note that a driver’s completion rate will drop if he or she is not completing orders. The completion rate does not count delivery orders cancelled by customers or merchants. If the driver leaves the food at the customer’s door, it will still count as a completed delivery. If the customer does not receive the order, they can choose to take a photo of the food to mark it as completed.

Acceptance rate

If you’re a Dasher, you’ve probably wondered about the low Acceptance Rate on Doordash orders. This is because many orders with lower pay don’t tip, and customers have no incentive to do so. Occasionally, these drivers may decline orders due to personal reasons, such as being away from their phones or taking a break. But, there is one way to help improve the low Acceptance Rate: putting an end to the incentive program that drives down the pay.

To get more business with Doordash, try to raise your acceptance rate to 100 percent or higher. The higher your rate, the higher the customer rating and completion rating will be. However, don’t get too caught up with the DoorDash Acceptance Rate, since the higher it is, the more money you’ll earn. This is a standard set by DoorDash and included in your Dasher agreement.


If you don’t see someone pick up your Doordash order in 30 minutes, it’s probably because no one has picked up the order. If you’re not there to pick it up, DoorDash will cancel the order. You’ll receive a refund or a credit for a future order. To increase your chances of getting your order, pay a larger tip or place your order when the restaurant is open.

Some customers have expressed disappointment when DoorDash drivers fail to pick up their orders. In some cases, they don’t have enough time. Other times, drivers have other orders to complete. Other times, the delivery may take a little longer than expected. DoorDash has many ways to avoid these situations. You can always cancel your order before delivery to get a full refund. If it’s a last-minute order, you can also pay for the food that will be delivered.


Fortunately, there’s a simple way to cancel your Doordash order if no one is picking it up. You can either cancel the order or request a refund. If no one is picking up the order, Doordash will automatically cancel it after a 30 minute wait. Once the 30 minutes is up, you can either accept a refund or talk to a representative.

If you don’t see anyone coming up to pick up your order, you can cancel your order by contacting the DoorDash customer support team. You can do this through the mobile app or online at the website. The only catch is that the cancellation is effective only if you cancel your order before the restaurant confirms that they’ll be picking it up. In such a case, you’ll receive a full refund or credit on your account.


There are two possible scenarios when a customer is being fraudulently charged for their Doordash order: the customer is picking up the order themselves, or posing as a self-pickup. The customer orders a meal outside a restaurant, leaves a $0 tip to discourage drivers from picking up their order, or poses as a self-pickup while the order is still in the restaurant. However, the driver arrives to find the food has long since been eaten. If the driver cannot complete the order, the customer receives a full refund.

If a customer receives a text message with a link to check the status of their order, this is most likely an untrue scam. However, even if there are no such messages, there may be some fraudulent activity. Fraudulent DoorDash delivery drivers may take advantage of this by tampering with the food or stealing it. While the driver is not allowed to open the delivery container, he may have been sending text messages from unknown sources.