Air Conditioning in Payson AZ – Benefits of Split Systems

air conditioning in Payson AZ

When you need air conditioning in Payson AZ, a split system is a popular choice. Split systems use an exterior unit to cool the air, while an interior fan system distributes the cold air inside. They are more efficient than central systems, and are ideal for multi-story homes that do not have a duct system. Split systems also reduce humidity and are easier to maintain. Below are some benefits of split systems. You can learn more at

Split system is the most popular form of air conditioning in Payson AZ

In Payson, Arizona, a split system is one of the most popular forms of air conditioning. This type of air conditioner has two components: an exterior unit that chills air, and an interior fan system that disperses cold air throughout the home. Split systems are ideal for single-story homes and those that don’t have a duct system. This type of air conditioning is also suitable for a variety of uses.

The best part of a split system is that it can be customized to your needs. Depending on your specific needs, a split system can provide cool air in a single room and heat in another. A split-zone system can be used for multiple purposes, such as heating a solarium or cooling a second bedroom. The flexibility of split systems makes it a popular option in Payson.

It reduces humidity

Whether you live in a desert climate or a subtropical one, the amount of humidity inside your home can have a big impact on your comfort. Humidity can cause mold and deterioration of structural elements in your home. But Arizona usually has low humidity levels, so the need to combat excess moisture is rarely a concern. That’s why Arizona Comfort Systems offers a range of indoor humidity control options.

The weather in Payson is generally warm, with average daily highs reaching around 84degF. Temperatures rarely fall below 22degF, and rarely rise above 98degF. The wettest months are June through August, with the highest percentage of rainy days at Payson Airport. The drier months are September and December, with the lowest humidity levels. However, there are some extreme weather conditions during these months, and you may want to consider utilizing air conditioning systems during these times.

The growing season in Payson is generally 7.1 months long, with the shortest day in December. The longest growing season is between May and November, and the coldest is December. The average yearly heat accumulation in the area is measured in “growing degree days,” which are the total number of days in which the temperature rises above its base temperature. During this time, the average amount of rainfall falls between the 10th and the 75th percentile.

It is easier to maintain

Whether you’re trying to keep your home comfortable year-round or just want to save some money, you’ve likely heard that it can be difficult to maintain air conditioning in your home. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your air conditioning system in good working condition. You can call an HVAC contractor in Payson to install a new system or repair an existing one. An HVAC contractor can also help you save money by installing a split-zone system that can cool the solarium but heat the bedroom upstairs.