Amardeep Steel” is an Indian Manufactured Steel manufacturer which deals in Steel products. The company was established in 1819 by R.K. Amodee. The name translates to ‘mountain metal’. It is one of the leading steel producers in India with over fifty-five thousand ton capacity. The model technique enables the production of high quality and durable metal products.

amardeep steel centre

“Amandeep Steel” became a world leader in the field of Steel manufacturing with the growth of its operations in Mumbai and India’s other cities such as Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Kodaikanal, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mumbai, Bhatye Beach, Aurangabad, Vrindavan, Barmer, Hyderabad, Satkhanda, Lucknow and Hubli. The amardeep steel centre at Mumbai has been one of the most important contributors in the development of the steel industry in India. Over the years, the company has grown tremendously, and the latest trends in Steel Industry have been developed and experienced at Amadeep Steel Centre. This is a new dimension in the Steel Industry in India.

“The amardeep steel centre is committed to quality and excellence in every segment of its production. It is flexible to meet any demand in terms of technology and cost in the long term relationship with customers and distributors. The primary focus of all the business operations of the Company is on quality products and consistent performance. We try to offer our products with excellent machine and weld quality throughout the world” says Deepak Jain, President and Managing Director of the amardeep steel centre.

Indian Manufacturers have some of the most advanced machines and welding techniques and are well aware about the quality and standards of working with Indian steel. They also have long term relationship with steel suppliers and distributors, which is an important factor for the growth and development of Indian industries. In order to develop their own industrial raw materials, Indian industries depend largely on steel suppliers in India. Some of the leading industries in India are listed as below:

Plainly put, the name of Amadeep stands for” “armament in plain sight” “! During the year 1984, the company produced the first heavy forgings of the time. This was a turning point in the history of Amadeep. It is the largest producer of Metals from India and also manufactures steel pipe, tubular pipes, rolling stock, hanging doors etc. Apart from these, the company also deals in various processed goods, namely, metal fabricator products, pipe fittings and parts, and pipe sheeting and parts.

A major portion of the Indian industry is focused on aerospace and defense applications and production. At present, the amardeep steel centre has strategic partnership with many international companies. Some of these are: Boeing, odor Industries, Textron, Bell Helicopters, Mitsubishi Electric, Cessna Aircraft, United States Army, Agusta, Daewoo, Elrich, Elbeuf, O’ahan, Sikorsair, Avignor, Consolidation Corporation, Boeing Commercial Airline, Air Force Corp of America, Cessna Aircraft, Mahindra, Cessna Defence, Mitsubishi Electric, Walnut Creek, Studebaker, Bell Helicopters, Cimavoc, Sukhois, Tahera, Kaman Construction, and Velshi Automobile. The above list is by far not exhaustive.

The amardeep steel centre premises are located at Noida, Gurgaon, within the new belt of urban development known as the Gurgaon-Ellora Metro Rail. This rapid development project is being managed by the private developer, DLF. The proximity to the major commercial centers in the city and the already existing international airport facilities attract a great number of foreign investors. The presence of innumerable businesses and organisations in one place, provides the company with an excellent opportunity to expand its activities and gain more profits. As the centre is well connected by rail, it facilitates efficient transport facilities to and from the city.

With the help of these processes equipments, the company can produce steel products to meet the needs of numerous organisations. This also enables the company to gain new business and make profits to meet up the competition. With the help of these industrial raw materials, the amardeep steel centre can develop the required processes for development of steel products in bulk and send them to various clients across the country and abroad. These processes include pre-fabrication, assembly, manufacturing and delivery of steel products. All these activities can be carried out in a cost effective manner and prove to be beneficial for the companies involved.