George Scorsis Florida

As an executive chairman at WeedMD, George Scorsis Florida has over 15 years of experience in the highly-regulated medical marijuana industry. He founded the company after receiving numerous emails from mothers whose children were suffering from seizures. In his new role, Scorsis is committed to providing clients with a secure environment where they can access the cannabis they need to maintain a high quality of life. Listed below are a few reasons why Scorsis is an excellent choice for an executive role in the Florida cannabis industry.

George Scorsis has a history of supporting various initiatives and charities. He is the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences, and has been a benefactor to the organization since 2008. Throughout his career, George Scorsis has donated to many organizations and charities. He also provides financial support to several other nonprofits, and he has a long list of other causes. As the head of Liberty Health Sciences, Scorsis is committed to creating a safe environment for cannabis users.

In addition to serving as the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences, George Scorsis is an experienced entrepreneur in the medical marijuana industry. His experience in the field includes opening three Florida dispensaries. He also offers a free 24-hour delivery service. Despite his long-time involvement in the marijuana industry, Scorsis remains active in his community and continues to make significant contributions in the industry. This is a great way to honor Scorsis’ contributions to the community.

In addition to the medical marijuana industry, George Scorsis has also made a significant impact on the community. He has contributed to numerous organizations, including WeedMD, one of the largest cannabis companies in the world. Recently, he purchased an Ontario-based cannabis company called Starseed. His generosity has made him a key part of the Florida cannabis community. So, let’s take a look at some of his accomplishments.

George Scorsis has a wealth of experience in the highly regulated medical cannabis industry. He has served as the CEO and chairman of several other companies, including WeedMD, which has three dispensaries across Florida. In addition to running a thriving cannabis business, Scorsis also possesses a long history of giving to charities. He is a strong advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana and is committed to creating an environment where patients can feel comfortable using the drug.

While Scorsis is an active member of the Florida community, his involvement with cannabis has been limited. During his time as a CEO of WeedMD, he helped the company become one of the biggest cannabis companies in the world. He has also recently bought an Ontario-based cannabis company called Starseed. As a result, he has become an integral part of Florida’s growing cannabis industry.

While George Scorsis is a well-regarded executive, he is also a successful businessman. As the executive chairman of WeedMD, he has a wealth of experience in the highly regulated cannabis industry. He is also an active member of the cannabis community, and recently purchased a small cannabis production facility in Ontario. In addition to his many contributions to the industry, Scorsis is a key player in the Florida marijuana community.

As an executive chairman, George Scorsis has made a valuable contribution to Florida’s cannabis industry. He is a benefactor of Agincourt Food Bank and is also actively involved in a number of charity work, volunteer services, and other initiatives. In addition to his charitable efforts, he is also active in Florida’s cannabis industry. Currently, he is the executive chairman of Liberty Health Sciences Inc.

As the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences Inc., George Scorsis is an industry veteran. He has worked with numerous companies in the medical cannabis industry and prioritizes customer safety. While his company has opened three dispensaries in Florida, he has also invested in his customers’ needs. His clients can expect a high level of service from his business. The company’s staff also provides free delivery and other services to the general public.

The executive team at Liberty Health Sciences is comprised of a team of highly-experienced, respected business leaders. In addition to his leadership skills, George Scorsis’ vast experience in the medical cannabis industry is a key asset for the company. He previously worked as the president of Red Bull Canada, where he restructured the company’s business. He has also partnered with businesses in a highly regulated industry and helped them acquire a marijuana dispensary chain.