using imagesDo you already create images, charts, and inter-actives as a part of your content plan? These visual components can increase the value of your written content and can help drive traffic to your site. Here we’ll share ways to utilize these images in your web design and to get your biggest return in the form of traffic.

Images shouldn’t be thought of as separate content, but rather an integral piece of content that adds more value to your written content. Successful images create a call to action for your customers in a way that appeals to them visually. These can be in the form of buttons, links, photos, and more.

Use images across all platforms as a way to drive traffic back to your website. Create a set of images that work together and complement one another to use on different platforms, and include a clear and concise call to action for your followers. Make sure your images are already optimized for the respective platform, so it is easily shareable for your audience.

Utilize SlideShare to drive traffic. SlideShare can be a rewarding visual tool. It allows you to visually appeal to your audience while still feeding them valuable information. You can even embed the SlideShare right into your blog or website, this way traffic is still being driven back to your website. Traffic can also be driven from other platforms including SlideShare, who can share it on their social media platforms. That adds up to a lot of traffic from more sources than you would have reached on your own.

If your content tends to be full of statistics and data, creating info-graphics can prove beneficial. Your goal is to create an info-graphic that will coax users into clicking through to your website for more information, but more so it should be appealing. Colors and design will attract consumers, as they will inherently scroll right past a black and white info-graphic with no design elements. You also want to make sure your info-graphic links to move valuable content for your customers. A great info-graphic will also create emotion in your audience. You want to resonate with them as much as possible, so make it interesting and appealing.

The takeaway here is that if you’re going to invest your time and money into web design and creating visual content, you want to make sure it provides your readers with an added value. Visual content should go hand in hand with your written content and help drive further content to your website.