John Boos productsJohn Boos & Co. is a company with humble beginnings that started 125 years ago in a small town in Illinois. Since then, they have evolved into the leader of a wide variety of products, and are known for their butcher block.

About John Boos & Co.

Conrad Boos didn’t even set out to start his own business back in 1887 when he unknowingly created the first butcher block. Working as a blacksmith at the time, he needed a spot to work that could handle the impact from his hammer and anvil. Since no such product existed he harvested sycamore from a nearby forest and crafted himself a butcher block that stood on three legs, the first of its kind. His creation did the trick, and he was able to work seamlessly after that. A local butcher had seen his creation, and coveted one of his own for his meat market, so Conrad’s son, John, crafted the butcher a butcher block just like his fathers. Before he knew it, John Boos & Co. was born.

John Boos products

John Boos is most well-known for their butcher block, but their variety of products doesn’t end there. John Boos products encompass butcher block, stainless steel, cutting boards, countertops, kitchen carts, tables, shelves, and the like. In fact, John Boos is the only company in the United States that produces and manufactures both butcher block and stainless steel under one roof. All of their products are handmade right here in the United States. Each John Boos product is made my expert craftsmen and will be suited to fit your every day as well as industrial needs.

Some of their products are:

Traditional Butcher Blocks

  • Of course John Boos is most known for their butcher blocks. A traditional butcher block is the same style as the very first butcher block created by Conrad Boos. A sturdy butcher block atop four legs, which comes in a variety of hues and woods.

Cutting boards

  • John Boos cutting boards come in your choice of wood and finish and different shapes and styles. You have the ability to choose the thickness of your board, the size, and the shape to fit your specific needs, all while ensuring you are left with a reliable product.

Kitchen islands/tables

  • John Boos kitchen islands and tables come in a large variety of colors, styles, and treatments. You can choose all wood, all stainless steel, or even a combination of both to be sure you have a completely customized table or island for your tastes, style, and needs.

Gourmet butcher blocks

  • Gourmet butcher blocks have more versatility and detail from your average butcher block and can be more useful depending on your planned use for it. Gourmet butcher blocks can include racks, shelves, and drawers, and feature more detailed woodworking.

Steel racks/shelves/stands

  • John Boos showcases their affinity for stainless steel with their collection of shelves, racks, and stands that can be used in a variety of rooms in your home while still having the style and durability of a John Boos product.


  • Of course, John Boos showcases butcher block, wood, and stainless steel countertops for your kitchen or industrial space.